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Application Process

If you decide you would like to join the CHEK Academy the application process which you will undergo is as follows. The whole process should take no longer than 3 weeks it is important to be prepared for each stage. There is only a limited number of places on each year of the CHEK Academy and admission to the programme will be based on successful completion of the online application and interview stages.

Please ensure before you submit your application you have checked dates of all advanced training programs and live workshops for the first year of your planned study on our website and are able to confirm attendance on those dates. If you are unsure of which year you will be joining please call (+44) 01257 367 557 and ask to speak to the CHEK Academy Coordinator who will be able to assist you in this matter.

The telephone interview will last between 20 and 30 minutes during which time the CHEK Academy Director will review your application and discuss in detail the level of commitment required to complete this course of study. There will be an opportunity for you to ask questions about the CHEK Academy and seek clarification that this the right programme for you.

If you are accepted onto the CHEK Academy you will receive your acceptance email within 1 working day of your interview. This will include your personalised academic plan, your monthly fee and details on how you can sign your CHEK Academy agreement online.

Places on the CHEK Academy and limited we hold your place for 7 days after the acceptance letter is issued during which time you are required to sign the CHEK Academy Learning Agreement online and make your first payment.

Apply Now!

Step 1 – Complete online application form please click the Apply Now button above.

Step 2 – Acknowledgement of application will be sent by email within 3 day of submission of application; accompanied by proposed times for telephone interview.

Step 3 – Telephone interview with CHEK Academy Director within 2 weeks of application.

Step 4 – Email confirmation of acceptance onto The CHEK Academy will be sent within 1 day of interview.

Step 5 – To accept your place you must sign the CHEK Academy Learning Agreement online within 3 days of acceptance email.

Step 6 – To secure your place you must make your first monthly payment within 7 days of acceptance email. Regular monthly payments will commence on the 1 October.

Congratulations – You are now enrolled on the CHEK Academy ready for the start of academic year in October.