For the first time Paul will be sharing with you the keys to coaching success that he has developed in his own clinic over the last 30 years. You will experience how Paul works with his Patients step by step, showing you how he has become one of the most sought after and highly paid Holistic Health Practitioners in the world working within the advanced rehabilitation and professional Sports fields.

This first of its kind 4-day exclusive course, has been beautifully designed to not only give you many pearls of coaching wisdom but also allows for practical experience during the 4-days to further develop your own coaching skills under the guidance of the master himself.

      CHEK 4 Quadrant Coaching Mastery Program


CHEK 4 Quadrant Coaching Mastery Program supports and empowers the individual with coaching on all relevant life and lifestyle issues that support the individual in the process of meeting their specific body-mind objectives{s}.

Coaching and life are seen as an integral process for both the coach and the client.

Learning Objectives

Learn the essential qualities and functions of an effective CHEK Professional Coach.
Understand how to use holistic (whole brain) thinking for effective problem solving.
Understand how to apply the Chek 1-2-3-4 model in your holistic coaching practice.
Learn the function of archetypes as a means of helping identify and manage a client’s dream process.
Explore myths as a means of identifying a clients story and learn the importance of creating a dream-affirmative counter-myths when necessary.
Learn to use the Chek Dream-line tracking system in your coaching practice.
Learn the science and art of creating effective process and outcome goals.
Become familiar with the habit loop, and how to effectively guide clients in the development of dream-affirmative habits.
Learn many useful holistic coaching principles.

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