CHEK Golf Performance Specialist

Now you can expand your skills to include a whole new, lucrative niche without taking a week away from work! Become a CHEK Golf Performance Specialist in a weekend and learn how to improve performance in golfers by addressing golf-specific conditioning needs using Paul Chek’s Whole In One approach.

Golf is one of the fastest rising participation sports in the world. In the US, golf equaled swimming for participation with 16% of Americans actively participating – that’s 43.5 million people! The fact is golfers will do anything to hit the ball longer and lower their handicap! Golfers regularly spend as much as $4,000 on a set of clubs, hoping for an extra few meters on their drive. The golf industry generates billions of dollars in sales every year!

But despite all the technological improvements in golf equipment, the average handicap for both males and females has not dropped in the past 16 years. Fifty-five years ago, golfers were winning tournaments such as the US Masters Championships with a score of 279; a score that would win many major tournaments around the world today!

So much for golf technology.

What golfers are now discovering is that the clubs don’t play the game, the golfer does! The only way to achieve a lower handicap is to improve the function of the golfer: the person who actually swings the club!

That’s where the exercise specialist or golf pro can help. By becoming a CHEK Golf Performance Specialist and learning how to improve performance in golfers by addressing golf-specific conditioning needs, these professionals can expand their skills to include a whole new niche.

Golfers need this service to reduce the incidence of injury. Did you know that 53% of male and 45% of female golfers suffer from low back pain, and 30% of all touring professionals are playing injured at any given time? The sport is also rampant with wrist problems, which is not surprising, considering the lack of core conditioning in most golfers, leading to overuse of the arms.

The CHEK Golf Performance Specialist program includes three-days of hands-on practical training, teaching you how to assess the status of your golfing clients, and then prescribe a stretching and conditioning program that will really help them reach the peak of performance.

C.H.E.K System of Golf Conditioning

The C.H.E.K System is designed to address golf-specific conditioning needs and in doing so, improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. Using detailed assessments and personalized programming, the individual issues of each client can be identified and addressed. Over the three-day workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Assess the golf swing from a biomechanical and postural point of view.
  • Test a client’s flexibility and apply the correlating stretches.
  • Use the Flexibility-Stability-Strength-Power conditioning progression to optimally improve golf performance and much more!


2 to 4 March 2018-CHEK Europe, Lancashire-Phil Loizides– An opportunity to complete the CHEK Golf Performance Specialist course in at the home of CHEK Europe.

Early Bird Price of £750 available when selecting a payment option where this amount is paid in full by the 2 December 2017. Regular price to be paid in full by 2 February 2018 is £800.


What People Are Saying

“I’ve had the occasion to work with some of the best physical conditioning specialists in the golf industry…I can say without reservation that Paul Chek, his work and contribution in the field of golf is on the cutting-edge.”
Bob Cisco – California, USA

“One client gained 15 meters more on a six iron in one session just by activating the transverse abdominis. Great results, better investment than Titanium Clubs!”
Hamish Hurley – London, UK

“If you want to double or triple your income, train, be the best in the industry and have the respect of your peers, the C.H.E.K Institute is how you do it!”
Dee Tidwell – Colorado, USA

Course Prerequisites

Paul Chek’s book The Golf Biomechanic’s Manual:

Paul Chek, internationally respected Corrective and High-performance Exercise Kinesiologist, explains not only the mechanics of the golf game, but also the importance of proper self conditioning to achieve peak performance. Written for fitness professionals or golf pros interested in exercise, the information presented in this book is an in-depth, detailed look at how different systems in the body affect the game of golf.

Lecture DVD by Paul Chek, A Scientific Approach to Golf Conditioning:

Golfers are athletes and, like all other athletes, they require well-designed conditioning programs in order to excel at their sport. The physiological stresses placed upon the body during a golf swing are similar to those experienced by hockey and football players, yet traditional conditioning programs for golfers are ineffective and produce minimal results! In this comprehensive lecture, Paul Chek explains why most training programs for golfers do not succeed in reducing the risk of injury or improving performance. Learn why golfers need to be conditioned following the Flexibility – Stability – Strength – Power principle.

Paul Chek’s book How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!:

How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! serves as the basis of the C.H.E.K Institute’s philosophies covering a wide variety of topics such as nutrition, exercise, stress management and healthy lifestyle coaching techniques.

Movement that Matters by Paul Chek (GBP £15):

Movement that Matters provides trainers and fitness enthusiasts with the tools needed to create functional training programs. Understand the body’s five different reflexes, and the six defining characteristics that determine if an exercise is truly functional.