Crawl. Walk. Run.

A day with Dan Hellman on Gait Assessment and Infant Development Exercises.

Date: Sunday 28 October

Time: 9.00 – 5.00

Location: The Albany, St Bedes Hall  Little Albany Street, London NW1 4DY

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Early Bird Price of £130 until the 28 September there after £150

Morning – Crawl Before You Walk! Current Advances in Corrective Exercise

An exciting new area of learning! Understand how infant motor-sensory development and the correlating stages of brain and behavior development are intimately linked with rehabilitation and performance conditioning. This lecture leads you through each phase of motor-sensory development and its correlation to development of the neuro-hormonal system. You will learn why so many children, adolescents and adults suffer chronic, idiopathic musculoskeletal, visceral, hormonal and psychological disorders that can not
only be tracked back to faulty infant development, but can often be corrected in the adult phase of life. Learn how to use the Swiss ball, diet and lifestyle changes to reconstruct the neuro-motor functions of the body, reestablishing optimal body~mind relationships for well-being in adult life.

Afternoon – Walking Tall: What Your Client’s Gait Can Tell You Before They Even Speak!

This highly simple yet effective approach to gait analysis does not rely on expensive cameras and equipment, nor an in-depth understanding of ground reaction forces, biomechanics and orthodics. Using just your eyes and brain, the information gained from simply observing your client walking can provide deep insight into areas of potential weakness in the body and injuries just waiting to happen. You will discover how to identify core dysfunction, muscle imbalances and postural issues with a 3-5 minute gait analysis and then pin-point the additional assessments that will provide the most information in the shortest possible time.