Paul in Europe

Scientific Stretching – 24 June 2012 -8.30 -18.00

The Royal Berkshire Health & Racquets Club, Bracknell

Price for one day course £200

Stretching is an integral part of any exercise program, yet there is tremendous inconsistency and uncertainty as to how to stretch for optimal results. In this workshop, Paul Chek shares both the art and the science of the approach he have developed for flexibility training, based on 28+ years of clinical experience conditioning world-class athletes and rehabilitating orthopaedic injuries. You will learn when and how to use different stretching techniques for the most common problems that cause tight muscles, plus hands-on practice with specific stretches you can use when rehabilitation and/or conditioning are the goals. We will discuss the how the progression of developmental stages as an infant can have a direct impact on the length/tension patterns in the child, adolescent and adult body. We’ll explore the relationship between fascia and water and also how your biochemistry directly influences length/tension relationships.

Swiss Ball Training – 23 June 2012 -10.15 to 19.15

The Royal Berkshire Health & Racquets Club, Bracknell

Price for one day course including manual £200

Swiss balls are one of the best tools available to the exercise and fitness professional for athletic conditioning. Learn exercises to challenge the athlete and enhance posture, agility and overall performance, plus techniques for improving the function and integration of the core with the arms and legs. This workshop brings you the techniques pioneered by Paul Chek, who brought Swiss Ball training to the Chicago Bulls, the Canberra Raiders and many other profes¬sional teams, and shows you how to use the same exercise tech¬niques with your clients, patients or athletes.

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