Special Bonus Offer for CHEK Exercise Coach

Register for the CHEK Exercise Coach on the 1 to 5 April 2013 at the home of CHEK Europe in Lancashire before the end of November 2012 and you are entitled to a half price place on the CHEK Exercise Coach Pre- Requisites review workshop on the 9 to 10 February 2013.

Register Now for Apr 13!

On receipt of your registration form you will recieve a buy now link to secure your place on the CHEK Exercise Coach Pre- Requisites review workshop for £97.50.

CHEK Exercise Coach Pre- Requisites Review Workshop

This 2 day workshop is a guided study workshop, designed to not only take students through the 3 correspondence course material but also enable the students to practice the practical skills demonstrated within the correspondence course manual and DVDs.

  • How to perform a joint range of motion assessment on the lower extremities and how joint restriction effects squat technique.
  • How to apply principles of functional anatomy when selecting stretches and exercises for preventing and alleviating back pain.
  • A complete review of Program design including; Proper exercise technique, exercise selection, order of application and exercise modifications for effective program development, understanding all exercise variables and how they can be adjusted according to the desired training outcome.
  • How faulty abdominal training can create postural problems
  • How to assess core function
  • How to re-establish activation of the abdominal wall after abdominal surgery such as caesarean section, hysterectomy and hernia repair, or in the deconditioned client.
  • Understand why core coordination and strength tests are essential for your orthopaedic patients and competitive athletes.
  •  Exercises suitable for the post-rehabilitation patient all the way to performance enhancing techniques used by Paul for training amateur and elite athletes.

Where: CHEK Europe HQ Lancashire (2 hours by train from London & Glasgow)
When: Saturday/Sunday 9 to 10  February 2013
Time: Saturday 10.30am-6.30pm, Sunday 8am-3.30pm
Cost: £195