The CHEK Business Professional of The Year contest 2014

Being held at the CHEK Inspire Conference, 16-17th August 2014, Surrey Sports Park, UK


What does it mean to be a CHEK Professional? It definitely means learning some of the most advanced education available in the world of Holistic health! But it also means being able to apply that knowledge successfully within your business, so that you can effectively help change your clients/patients lives.

C.H.E.K Practitioners worldwide are the some of the highest paid professionals in our industry (for good reason) the results we get or often unheard of in the health industry.

We are looking for your story. But, not how you helped change 1 client’s life, but how you consistently continue to deliver an on-going world-class service to your clients/patients after the implementation of the CHEK system AND maintain a healthy ‘CHEK lifestyle’ yourself, whilst running a successful business!

What’s Required?

  • We are looking for your story to be told to us, in the form of a “before and after”, almost like the before and after pictures we often see in this industry (without the newspapers proofs of course).
  • We want to know what you were doing before the CHEK training (were you a Personal Trainer, Osteopath or not in the industry), we want to know how the CHEK system changed things for you and how ultimately in changed your business and of course the results you consistently got with clients following the CHEK system being implemented.

Of course your story must be a true representation of your business and you will be asked to offer validation.

Your story should be sent as a word document, it should also include:

  • A brief Bio of you
  • A description of your business
  • Your business Name
  • Your CHEK qualifications
  • Any photo’s of your premises etc.
  • Why you believe you should be a the CHEK Business Professional of 2014
  • Key Performance Indicators that demonstrate the health of your business e.g. average client hours delivered by your business weekly in the last 3 months, % increase in revenue since becoming a CHEK Trained Professional etc

Contest Rules

  •  All submissions must be in by the latest of July 31st
  • All submissions must be in English and have been checked for content including spelling, grammar etc.
  • You must be a minimum of EITHER Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1, CHEK Exercise Coach to enter.
  • You must hold current CHEK Status with C.H.E.K Institute
  • You must be able to attend the CHEK Inspire Conference 16-17th August in Surrey, UK

Who can’t apply (sorry)

  • CHEK Faculty may not apply
  • CHEK Academy Mentors may not apply
  • Non current CHEK trained professionals

The shortlist

The initial short list will be evaluated and we will be choosing three finalists to go through to our CHEK Business Professional of the year contest final. The final will be held over the weekend of the CHEK Inspire Conference 16-17th August 2014 in Surrey (which you will be required to attend obviously).

The Final

As part of the contest, the four finalists will be asked to produce a 20-minute presentation of their story in a Power Point (or similar) presentation on the Saturday evening (16th August). The finalists will all have 20 minutes each to present their story to the conference delegates and of course Paul Chek himself!

The winner will be announced on the Sunday after lunch in our finalist award ceremony and will be presented the ‘CHEK Business Professional of the Year’ prize by Paul Chek.

The Prize!

The winner will receive the following prize worth over £3,000:

£2,000 Voucher to be used against any CHEK Europe Advanced Training Program and Prerequisite Package

2 Hours of Skype Life Coaching with Paul Chek to be scheduled in the last quarter of 2014

A Ticket to NPE Mega Training 17 to 18th October 2014 at London Gatwick (value £349)

Pair of Vibram FiveFingers